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Are you looking for more personalized information? We are offering three consultations, one every month for three months, to help you feel better than ever.  For the incredibly low price of $99.99, you can contact our experts over Skype for a personalized assessment. The first session is 30 minutes and follow ups are 15 minutes each. You can share the relevant concerns you have for your health, our expert will look at your tongue online, and give you real-time feedback. Our suggestions often include diet, exercise, teas, acupuncture, and more specific herbal formulas chosen specifically for you. 

Should you just want an initial 30 minute consultation, they can be scheduled individually for $49.99. 

Our experts are all state licensed and board certified. We are graduates of prestigious 4-year Universities and have completed over 3,200 hours of classroom and clinical education in Chinese medicine. 

Email us at info@tungzapp.com to get scheduled

We look forward to helping you feel better than ever!


The Tungz! App Team